Zine Packs

Dreams & Positivity includes Frankie's Dreams, Frankie's Dreams II, and Love, Me.

Frankie's Dreams and Frankie's Dreams II illustrate pal Frankie's wild and wonderful dreams. The first volume finds young sleepy Frankie navigating journeys and other weird night interactions. Frankie's Dreams II show a different perspective- more apprehension and the inclusion of her infant son. Made 5 years apart, we see how her subconscious has changed it's focus.

Love, Me is a zine full of positive self affirmations to remind you & me & everyone we know about how life can be curiously wonderful and to never forget how valuable we are. It's a quarter-sized zine to keep in your pocket, bag, or nightstand for easy access when you need a few reminders about loving yourself!

Each set of three zines comes with a random assortment of stickers, vintage cards, valentines and other printed surprises.

Stories & Words includes Adventures in Dogwalking, Tongue Tied, and Tiny Fires.

Adventures in Dogwalking is a tiny illustration zine with snippets of my life as a winter dogwalker in Philadelphia. Included the wacky canines I got to know all too well.

Tongue Tied is about those words I can just never commit to memory. We've all got those pesky words, right? 

Tiny Fires is a collage story combining personal and found imagery. This zine explores the many feelings and stages of grief through snippets of memories and images.